Snyder Park

3299 SW Fourth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
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  • Run From Walkers
    8 months ago by Abel Folgar

    Has “the zombie thing” finally reached vampire proportions? Or after decades of Anne Rice-fueled goth shenanigans, are zombies still cool enough to last a little longer in pop culture’s graces? One thing for sure i...

  • Scottish Festival and Highland Games Raids Snyder Park 30 Years in a Row
    3 years ago by Rebecca McBane

    There's a problem that isn't much discussed here in South Florida: the Scots. Every year they stage an all out invasion of Snyder Park in Plantation - damn close to the Armory, too!They act out war games, throwing rocks and stu...

  • Best Stuff to Do in Broward and Palm Beach February 28 to March 6
    3 years ago by Rebecca McBane

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  • We Have a Piper Down
    3 years ago by Sara Ventiera

    Most people tend to know only a handful of things about Scotland: bagpipes, haggis, Scotch, kilts, and Mel Gibson. We get it: Those things are either pretty gross -- haggis -- or pretty cool. Who doesn't love those epic scenes in Br...

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