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51 Supper Club

11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., #3102 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 | Palm Beach Gardens | 561-622-3500

Location Description:

A throwback to the days before DJ stations, grazing menus and molecular gastronomy, 51 promises Euro-centric cuisine "inspired by Old World traditions wisely revised and respectfully embellished for a new generation of diners." Whether that "new generation of diners" is going to rock out to the smooth croonings of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., in 51's retro piano lounge is another matter. But who knows? Stranger things have happened. The place itself looks swanky enough, with lots of dangling chandeliers, big half-moon banquettes and an undulating, tile-faced, mirror-backed bar. What's happening in the dining room is the purview of exec chef Armand Vanderstigchel, who's done everything from cook for Matt Lauer to develop recipes for Log Cabin maple syrup. No menu is up yet for 51, but if it's anything like its "sister restaurant," Brasserie 214 in New York, expect dishes like veal croquettes with Dijon sauce, Polish-style chicken scallopini with smoked duck bacon, and the beer-braised short rib stew called Carbonnade Flamandes.

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