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Andrews Living Art Studio

23 NW Fifth St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 | Fort Lauderdale | 954-874-5084
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Upcoming Events

  • Rocky Horror Show Live

    8:00 p.m. October 23
    8:00 p.m. October 24
    10:00 p.m. October 25
    3:00 p.m. October 26
    8:00 p.m. October 29
    8:00 p.m. October 30
    8:00 p.m. October 31
    12:00 a.m. October 31
    8:00 p.m. November 1

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    On Sunday, join The Pride Pups Comedy as its troupe of improv sketch artists, Pride Pups, presents a hilarious "gayprov" comedy show at Andrews Living Arts Studio in Fort Lauderdale. The...
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    From the playwright who brought you the Broadway thriller Deathtrap and the novel-turned-movie Rosemary's Baby comes another infamous mystery making its way to South Florida's theater scene....
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    Celebrating its 40-year anniversary, lively sexual comedy Let My People Come stands as relevant today as it did back in 1974, when it premiered at the Village Gate Theater on Bleecker Street...
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    Drawing inspiration from books by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Amado Mio is an Italian show written and directed by Massimo Stinco that encapsulates nostalgia, adventure, thrill, war, music, and...
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    Making a rendition of Dale Wasserman's classic 1970 adaptation of Ken Kesey's novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the Andrew Living Arts marks the second appearance of this unforgettable...
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    Beginning a few short weeks before its special debut on April 14, ALA Cabaret is a compilation of live jazz music that pays tribute to the sounds of the Harlem renaissance and Bourbon...
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    If the kids on the Jersey Shore had a mama like the one in the production of Ask Mama at the Andrew Living Arts Studio, maybe they'd have been less likely to have become the poster children...
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    OK, so they aren't real nuns, but it definitely caught your attention. Nunsense A-men!, a musical comedy starring men in drag, will debut Thursday at the Andrews Living Arts Studio in the...
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    The idea of seeing a play about AIDS might not, at first blush, seem like the most inviting experience. It's a heavy topic, and the potential for cloying melodrama is high. Since its first...

Business Description

Under the leadership of Artistic Director Robert D. Nation, Andrews Living Arts Studio is education based and is dedicated to nurturing and shaping the next generation of artists by offering a Studio Classroom for teaching, Gallery Space for exhibits by Fine Artists and a fully equipped stage for theatrical presentations. Our goal includes: making the fine and performing arts accessible to everyone, including the underprivileged and those with special needs through: New Play Development, Acting Classes and Audition Preparation, Performance Showcases, Plays, Musicals, and Internships for upcoming artists. Students gain life skills and a respect for each other through training in the arts and our audiences are enriched through the cultural art of presentations.