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Bierbrunnen Pub - Closed

427 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 | Fort Lauderdale |

Location Description:

Amid the sightseeing, tattoo/piercing shops, clubs, and touristy bars littering A1A, one bar lies hidden from view, concealed for the rest of us homegrown Lauderdalites who want a place on the beach we can still call home; a place that doesn't look like mini-Mardi Gras hour. Don't worry; we know we have to share. And if you tourists wander in, feel free to sit. But Bierbrunnen is our space, even though it's technically German. It's got the best beer selection on the beach, from Pabst to Rogue to Oktoberfest and Holy Mackerel, and the essential ingredients for your nonfruity cocktail: Stoli, Grey Goose, the Captain. Hungry? The menu has Bratwurst dishes galore. So relax, play some pool, feel the beach breeze keep you cool in the intense Florida sun, and get your schnitzel on.

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