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Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop

300 SW Second St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302 | Fort Lauderdale | 954-574-6000
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  • Clean Plate Charlie: Cocktail Culture
    The CDC defines binge drinking as a man consuming more than five drinks, and a woman four, in a span of two hours. Well, this past Saturday at Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop's third event of the...
  • Clean Plate Charlie: Cocktail Culture
    Most people drink for the sake of drinking. But for those looking to justify a night of uninhibited intoxication to their mother and tax accountant, well the Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop has got...
  • Calendar: Highlights
    It’s bus-loop time again in Fort Lauderdale. There isn’t much to say about the bus loop that hasn’t already been said. For those who don’t already know, first,...
  • Clean Plate Charlie: Cocktail Culture
    Northern Palm Beach County will soon get to see what all of the party-bus fuss is about when the bus loop so popular in Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach expands to West Palm Beach. The first...
  • County Grind: Nightlife
    A night on Fort Lauderdale's Bus Loop is like casual sex, you get in, sweat your ass off, and get off as quickly as possible.Although the event officially started around 6 p.m., I decided it...

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The Bus Loop continues to spread fun throughout South Florida ! The Bus Loop is serving your local community by raising funds for the designated charities in their respective cities while giving the area's young professionals one of the most fun experiences to be had. If you have never tried it, give it a chance ! You'll get hooked !