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Hookah Hut

2980 N. Federal Highway Boca Raton, FL 33431 | Boca Raton | 561-549-0875

Location Description:

As the name suggests, you'll come for the hookah, which, as a genial young man working the counter at this smoking lounge says, is "all the rage with the college kids." This qualifier needn't turn away the above-20 set. Though the music choice on a weeknight visit skewed to Top 40 dorm-friendly beats, there is reasonably priced beer available, in case taking a tug on the trendy hookah just doesn't suit your fancy. The main lounge is draped in red, dozens of throw pillows, cushions, and couches pushed into solitary corners. The hookah menu features several dozen flavors, primarily pungent fruity blends, plus a few less aggressive varietals, like mint, honey, and jasmine. There is premixed shisha available, plus a handful of custom creations. Feel free to ask for guidance and suggestions if you're a first-timer or even if you're a regular hookah participant. No cover charge on weeknights -- three people to a hookah.