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LIT Smoke Shop

2125 Stirling Road Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 | Fort Lauderdale | 954-967-3113

Business Description

LIT Tobacco shop and Hookah Lounge occupies a couple locations in Florida, but is quickly expanding. Along with our physical expansion, we're progressing towards more technologically advanced, greener, and cleaner means of smoking. While preserving the traditions of thousand year old cultures, we're also on the forefront of development in the consistently progressing glass and inhalation industry. While hosting a myriad of locally blown glass, we have our own products that we proudly carry at all of our locations: LIT Organic Hempwick, LIT Grinders and more. We abide by a code of corporate conduct, personally adopting the responsibility of educating both our loyal customers and passing travelers of the latest, greenest ways to enjoy tobacco products. You can always find organic, all natural or vegan alternatives to rolling papers, hookah coals, waterpipe accessories, and much more. We also explore means to reduce our impact on the environment by carrying biodegradable bags while asking the companies we work with to provide greener materials and exercise more ecological packaging practices.