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Mambo Jambo Restaurant - Closed

1396 SW 160th Ave., Ste 6 Weston, FL 33326 | Weston | 954-385-1102

Location Description:

OK, so the Mambo Jambo isn't strictly Cuban. In fact pan-Latin might be a more appropriate modifier, since dishes like honey-glazed salmon with mango coulis and a half duck marinated in citrus juices and then glazed with raspberry-sesame sauce and honey are on the menu. But it's with his Cuban fare that owner George Quesada really proves himself: flavorful black beans and rice, terrific papa rellena. Two of his best appetizers, a tamal with pork and caramelized onions and crunchy-tender ham croquetas, are equally hard to resist. This little spot is a gem, in the already very Latin Weston.

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