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221 Clematis St. West Palm Beach, FL 33401 | West Palm Beach | 561-835-6661

Location Description:

It took the nightlife dream team of Cleve Mash and Rodney Mayo - the guys behind Monkey Club, Respectable Street, Lost Weekend, Dada, and more - to (finally!) make it worth going out dancing again on Clematis. Two things establish Monarchy as a dance club that seems plopped out of South Beach. First, it boasts a top-of-the-line sound system blasting modern club bangers - there's no lame Top 40 playlists and no tired '80s nights here. And second, the décor is both campy and sexy. The theme is very French Revolution, as though the riff-raff just broke into the castle, ousted the king, and turned up the stereo. Brocade wallpaper is ripped in places to reveal a concrete wall underneath, chandeliers shake with every electro thump, and in-house dancers exuberantly make their way through the crowd in tight bodices and curly white wigs, like 18th-century courtesans gone wild. This is the party palace the bourgeoisie has been waiting for - where the beats are deafening, the dance floor is slammed, and the vibe is downright decadent.

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