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Murphy's Law Irish Pub

5703 Seminole Way Hollywood, FL 33314 | Davie/West Hollywood | 954-791-4782

Location Description:

Tuesday nights are karaoke at the indispensable Murphy’s Law Irish Pub, located inside the Hard Rock Seminole Paradise, and if you’re looking for cheap booze and guaranteed all-night entertainment for the price of zero, look no further. The karaoke regulars at Murphy’s Law range from so good that you’ll think they must be retired backup singers for Aretha Franklin to so bad that they’ll make you wish you never had to listen to a whiny Kenny Chesney country cover again. Either way, when it’s your turn, there’s no judgment. Guzzle the rest of your Bud Light, hop on stage, and relish your three minutes and 15 seconds of fame under the blue spotlight of the Murphy’s Law Hard Rock. When you’re finished, you can slink your way back into anonymity among the always-bizarre crowd that makes up the Hard Rock on a nightly basis.

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