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Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen

1040 Bayview Drive, 100 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 | Fort Lauderdale | 954-338-5651

Location Description:

South Florida is into juicing, shops popping up here and there touting the benefits of fresh-pressed vegetables and fruits. In Fort Lauderdale, Myapapaya Juicery + Kitchen has led the charge, offering one of the city’s first cold-pressed juicery and kitchen. This mom-and-pop, counter-order shop is owned and operated by Adam, Michelle, and namesake toddler Mya Kanner. Adam, a former private chef, envisioned creating a community of health-conscious eaters. It seems he’s accomplished his goals — those juices have become quite the trend. The brightly colored (and tasty) liquids aren’t the only reason to go; the food will appease a range of diets, from vegan to gluten-free to dairy-free to ethical. The menu offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and all-natural sandwiches, salads, and soups — but it’s the made-to-order cold-pressed juices that people stand in line to taste. That includes the Dreamy Greeny, what is quite possibly the best smoothie on the entire planet. Not your average strawberry/banana/OJ combo, the list of ingredients may sound strange, but the outcome is amazing. Fresh avocado, spinach, banana, house-made cashew mylk, dried dates, and vanilla extract are blended together for an insanely delicious — and healthy — treat.

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