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Nan's Hideaway

803 SE Eighth Ave. Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 | Deerfield Beach | 954-426-0590

Location Description:

Nan's Hideaway is really hidden. Deep in a shopping plaza, not visible from Federal Highway, the building that houses the bar is so nondescript, it would look abandoned, or at least closed, if not for the back-lit sign above with the bar's name. But what effort it doesn't put into dazzling patrons from the outside it puts into good bartending and good company on the inside. Nan's Hideaway was originally Ed's Hideaway, and when Ed died, his wife, Nan, took over. But what she didn't change was the atmosphere, which mixes smoke, smoke, and more smoke with retro décor, strong drinks, and early boozers - the bar attracts the prework set at 7 a.m.