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Nirvana - Closed

1701 N. Congress Ave. Boynton Beach, FL 33426 | Boynton Beach | 561-752-1972
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    You'd have to have steel cojones, or some mixture of naiveté and optimism, to name your first restaurant Nirvana. You'd be setting the bar in the stratosphere and opening yourself up...
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    ¨Frances! Frances Bean... What are you doing up here, sweetie?¨ ¨I was just going through Daddy´s tapes, Mom. I wanna pick a song for the new album too!¨ ¨OK,...
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    Some things just don't go together well. Take, for example, liquor and red wine. Ammonia and bleach. Or Jacko and Lisa Marie. However, some things, strange as they may seem, make sense...