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Sky Nightclub

3101 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 | Fort Lauderdale | 954-533-6990

Location Description:

Inside the uniquely circular Citibank building, a marble stairway leads to Sky Nightclub, a discotheque filled with an eclectic crowd partaking in all sorts of dance-floor debauchery. A mural of clouds and blue skies adorns the ceiling; it's no Sistine Chapel, but it's quite fitting for the venue's name. Glitzy chandeliers dangle above the dance floor, bouncing neon lights and strobes onto the mirrored walls. Stairs lead down to a large dance floor that's surrounded by two bars and enormous Mount Olympus-like marble columns. The floor is filled with leather-clad sweaty bodies gyrating to new-wave hits and gothic beats. Off to the left is a VIP-like area filled with red velvet couches and tiny candlelit tables, often occupied by young lovers getting to know each other. Sky Nightclub's contemporary décor and unconventional-yet-hip crowd makes for an interesting addition to the surrounding Oakland Park area.

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