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Spyke's Grove

7250 Griffin Road Davie, FL 33314 | Davie/West Hollywood | 954-583-0426

Location Description:

What good is living in hot-as-hell Florida if you don't have a backyard full of fruit trees? Let's face it - citrus is the state's best asset. At Spyke's Grove, you can pick up trees that'll be dripping with lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, tangelos, grapefruits, limes, kumquats. Hell, they even have spliced marvels that'll grow different kinds of fruit on the same tree. This Davie landmark has been around in different incarnations since 1946, so they know their citrusy stuff. Pack your backyard with enough trees and you'll never have to worry about Christmas gifts again, 'cuz what Northeastern relative doesn't love a box full of juicy grapefruit under the tree?

Business Description

As Ft. Lauderdale grew, people began stopping at the grove for fruit instead of driving into town. The grove became so popular with tourists and locals that the downtown location was sold and all efforts were focused on the Davie location. When a local zoo closed down, Spyke and family adopted the homeless animals which added more to the local attraction.