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Willy's Sports Bar

4426 Hallandale Beach Blvd. Miramar, FL 33023 | Miramar | 954-981-8806

Location Description:

Willy's boasts a fiercely local vibe; a friendly, bubbly brunet behind the bar; and a 23-hour liquor license. If things are still raging at 7 a.m., says the bartender, Willy's stays open. Not much fills the semilarge space. Some kegs crowd a wall, surrounded by unused chairs. A couch, which if it could talk would probably cough up a lung, sits against another wall, lonely and straggly. The island bar docks in the middle of the room, while two pool tables sit open and free to anyone. And the patrons vary from irritable to exceptionally friendly; mildly threatening and persistent to wholly inviting and affable. But however they differ in manners, they all share the same wear and tear as the bar they frequent. Willy's tolerates no airs. Expect cheap booze and smoky ambiance. Oh, and there's a shoe stuck on the roof outside for added personality.