An Inconvenient Truth (PG)

Documentary 100 May 24, 2006
By Rob Nelson
This isn't just another lefty doc for the art-house set, but "by far the most terrifying film you will ever see," according to the ads, which feature a trio of smokestacks spewing what looks like the perfect storm. How much can a film of Al Gore's self-described global warming "slide show" do to lower the temperature? Onstage, pointer in hand, the pedant politician mounts a hydraulic lift to follow the climb of carbon dioxide literally off the charts -- a dramatic high point of his presentation. More effective in attention-getting terms are computer images of the ocean engulfing lower Manhattan (the projected result of the Greenland ice sheet's shrinkage by 2050) and Gore's accompanying commentary: "Is it possible that we should guard against other threats besides terrorists?" Produced last year but released during a new low for presidential approval ratings and SUV resale values, An Inconvenient Truth does restore one's faith in the value of documentary-as-lecture, not least by extolling the virtues (rare as clean water these days) of politician-as-teacher.
Davis Guggenheim Al Gore Lawrence Bender, Scott Z. Burns, Laurie David, Al Gore Paramount Classics

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