Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (PG)

Animation 80 June 16, 2006
By Jim Ridley
Not since Dean Martin has an actor worked harder to sustain the illusion of couldn't-give-a-crap insolence than Bill Murray -- and for the voice of cinema's reigning computer-generated feline glutton, it may not be an illusion. Whatever the case, Murray's gift for imperious indifference is the only reason to sit through a second for-kids-only movie about Garfield the lasagna-loving cat, here transported to England for a lame species-transplant version of The Prince and the Pauper. The voices are uncommonly well cast, from Tim Curry as Garfield's upper-crust doppelg\xE4nger to Bob Hoskins as a bulldog (it took this long?) and X-Men juggernaut Vinnie Jones as a trouser-mangling Rottweiler. But they only underscore how misconceived the movie is on every other level. Why is Garfield an ugly, garish CGI blob in a world of real animals? Why can every other dog talk except Garfield's detested sidekick Odie? Why do human leads Breckin Meyer and Jennifer Love Hewitt act like they're the ones who've been neutered? At least Murray gets a well-deserved holiday from the midlife-crisis monotony of Broken Flowers -- a movie that could have used an animated cat.
Tim Hill Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Billy Connolly, Lucy Davis, Bill Murray Alec Sokolow, Joel Cohen John Davis 20th Century Fox


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