In the Shadow of the Moon (PG)

Documentary 100 September 21, 2007
By Jim Ridley
Even if you know the story of the Apollo space program, David Sington’s stirring documentary restores the thrill, the terror, and the heroism of man hurling himself into the unknown. In part, that’s because the archival footage (much of it unseen or synched up with sound for the first time) is of astonishing quality, capturing the you-are-there-in-space effect Tom Wolfe strove for so mightily in The Right Stuff. But better still are the humble, wonder-struck reminiscences of Apollo astronauts such as James Lovell, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins, contrasted today with their youthful rocket-jockey selves. Even as the movie laments a lost era when scientific exploration still had the romance of discovery, it brings that dashing spirit back with a rush. Essential viewing for any stargazer, then or now.
David Sington Colonel Buzz Aldrin, USAF, R, Captain Alan Bean, USN, R, Captain Eugene Cernan, USN, R, Brig. Gen. Michael Collins, USAF, R, Brig. Gen. Charles Duke, USAF, R, Captain James Lovell, USN, R, Captain Edgar Mitchell, USN, R, Hon. Harrison Schmitt, Ph.D., Colonel David Scott, USAF, R, Captain John Young, USN, R Duncan Copp ThinkFilm

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