Knocked Up (R)

Comedy 129 June 1, 2007
By Robert Wilonsky
Seth Rogen plays a guy named Ben Stone, who's been stoned most of his adult life. Katherine Heigl, free from the gloomy climes of Seattle Grace Hospital, is Alison Scott, who's been promoted from E! segment producer to on-air talent, goes to a club with her sister (Leslie Mann), and winds up in bed with Ben. Turns out, of course, he's given her the gift that keeps on giving in nine months. What follows is inevitable: A mistake turns in to an accidental relationship turns into true love turns into heartbreak turns into happiness at last, which gives nothing away, because writer-director Judd Apatow is not one to betray the characters he loves like family. It's the journey -- which lasts more than two hours, and feels much shorter -- in which the audience is meant to find delight and even a bit of melancholy, as Apatow wrings the biggest laughs from the smallest moments. What makes Knocked Up a terrific film is its relaxed, shaggy vibe; if it feels improvised in places, that's because Apatow trusts his actors enough to let them make it up as they go, like the people they're playing. It's more than just a loose-limbed variation on About a Boy. It's a sincere meditation on adulthood, accountability, and fidelity -- and, yeah, getting high.
Judd Apatow Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Katherine Heigl, Jason Segel Judd Apatow Shauna Robertson, Judd Apatow, Clayton Townsend Universal

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