Over Her Dead Body (PG-13)

Comedy 95 February 1, 2008
By Nick Pinkerton
Henry (Paul Rudd) and Kate (Eva Longoria) were about to walk down the aisle when Kate was killed in a slapstick wedding-day accident. A year later, he's still mourning the escape from a life of browbeating, so his sister presses him to contact a psychic to put his mind at rest. Said medium (Lake Bell) turns out to be a tawny beauty molded like a Victoria's Secret model; romance blossoms anew, to the chagrin of Kate's awakened ghost, who commences with sabotage. Many a comic potentiality is underworked, and the film's prevailing tone is obnoxiously erratic — surely the supporting eccentrics (Jason Biggs and Lindsay Sloane) aren't supposed to be so off-putting. But the movie rests safe when entrusted to the charisma of its principals. This is no career high, but it's impossible to dislike Rudd. Women want him (he's cozy-handsome in an imaginary-boyfriend way), and men want to forward his viral video appearances around the office. And Bell — with her ducky lips, scrunched wince, and long arms swatting at the air — has promise as a winning comedienne. Nobody was clamoring for this Blithe Spirit revival but, it's a fine hiatus from earthly life.
Jeff Lowell Lake Bell, Paul Rudd, Eva Longoria, Jason Biggs, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Stephen Root, Lindsay Sloane, Kali Rocha, Ali Hillis, William Morgan Sheppard Jeff Lowell Paul Brooks New Line Cinema

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