Rambo (R)

Action/Adventure 93 January 25, 2008
By Jim Ridley
Gorier, meaner, and uglier than anything Sylvester Stallone has made before — and therefore damnably effective in rousing your bloodlust — this wind-up groin kicker of a movie initially seems as wary of being pulled back into a dirty job as its reluctant hero. Once committed, though, Stallone and his embittered he-man mean to prove that nobody alive can explode more heads, aerate more guts, and perforate more evil ethnic extras. Here the Vietnam vet turned universal soldier ends up rescuing some Christian mercy workers dumb enough to think they can bring humanitarian aid to Myanmar, only to end up in a leering Burmese warmonger's hellhole. Want to accomplish good works on the other side of the world? Stallone sez: Pack heat. As vehement in its stereotyping as World War II propaganda, Rambo climaxes with a neck-breaking Howitzer barrage of a montage as hundreds of enemy soldiers, hopelessly outnumbered by Rambo, go down in a battery of extra-squishy beheadings, explosions, and mutilations. By that point, even the movie's love-thy-neighbor wimps are ready to pound skulls with rocks. The message? If killing is what you do best, just make sure you kill the right people.
Sylvester Stallone Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz, Matthew Marsden, Paul Schulze, Graham McTavish, Rey Gallegos, Tim Kang, Maung Maung Khim, Ken Howard, Jake LaBotz Art Monterastelli, Kevin Bernhardt Danny Dimbort Lionsgate

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