You've Been Trumped (NR)

Documentary 95 August 17, 2012
By Chris Packham
You’ve Been Trumped, directed by Anthony Baxter, is a document of a humble American businessman who, through some perspicacity and Abe Lincoln-style bootstraps–hoisting, wins the land and homes of a bunch of primitive, chattering Scottish natives who obviously don't use them to God’s and Ayn Rand’s intended purpose: playing golf. Yes, this a portrait of Trump rampaging in Scotland. Bent on transforming the area into a golf course and time-share resort, Trump goes all Lee Greenwood up in there, buying public officials, silencing social and environmental critics, and shutting down a wind-power project off the coast because he doesn’t like the view. Baxter constructs a narrative that pits Trump against farmer Michael Forbes, who wants to withhold his land from the higher purpose of pampering rich, waddling American tourists, and who becomes a folk hero during the course of the film; indeed, Baxter notes the parallels between Trump’s project and the 1983 Bill Forsyth film Local Hero, whose plot of an oil executive moving to Scotland to purchase a town is startlingly similar. Donald Trump is the face of America here, representing all of us and demonstrating our values abroad. Hopefully this sharp rendering, or something very much like it, is the legacy for which he and his family will be remembered.
Anthony Baxter Donald Trump International Film Circuit

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