10 Best Hipster Bars in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Hipster is such a nebulous and obnoxious term. But if you say that you don't want to use this weird word, all eyes land on you accusingly. Now you seem like the hipster in the room who is merely insulted by being categorized. 

But the truth is, the term is given real meaning when an actual hipster is spotted: The guy with the twirled mustache, wearing a vest and Toms, taking a picture of himself sipping a Chimay. 

You know what? Who cares that he's a cliche! He knows where to party, cause that's what hipsters do. So, we hunted down ten bars in Broward and Palm Beach counties where you might find these unnecessarily bespectacled, bike-riding, suspender-wearing creatures and still feel comfortable having a beer yourself.  
10 Best Hipster Bars in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

10. PRL Euro Cafe
Hipsters like the good things in life. They like heirloom bacon and homemade tampons. They like to do it themselves, and do it with the finest tools. 

One fine thing they absolutely cannot do without are craft beers. That's why the Hollywood hole-in-the-wall, beer palace PRL is the perfect place for a proper hipster. The LPs nailed to the wall provide the perfect backdrop for that super original iPod pic of you and your friends donning ironic mustaches making duck face. 

10 Best Hipster Bars in Broward and Palm Beach Counties
Monica McGivern

9. Speakeasy Lounge
Many outside of Palm Beach County aren't aware, but there are more bushy bearded, tattooed men per capita in Lake Worth than any other city in the world. It's like "Portland, where?" in this sleepy little beach town. 

Obvs, this is an exaggeration, 'cause beards are hot, hard work in SoFla. But Lake Worth's Speakeasy Lounge will convince you this is the truth. 

There, you can your way through the maze of pierced body parts, PBR cans, past the clean, well-lit entrance bar, to find a dim spot where local hip-hop kids and indie rock bands freely perform in style. Also, this is the bar where the mustached, almost-nude dudes of Hurly Burly came to show their furry stuff earlier this year. 
10 Best Hipster Bars in Broward and Palm Beach Counties
Monica McGivern

8. Green Room
Green Room is the laid back but still self-conscious sibling of Revolution Live and America's Backyard. Sure, the latter is the best place to get your halter top soaked with hunch punch, but every cool kid like Green Room needs a frat guy older brother. 

Fort Lauderdale isn't drenched in hipster-types, but Green Room is a great gathering spot for those that are here to wet their mustaches with cheap beer and fog their thick framed glasses with dance heat. It's also perfect for those with '90s nostalgia, a hankering for Wes Anderson, or a taste for DIY craft fairs or, for the nouveau hipsters, zombie walks.

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