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100 Monkeys at Revolution July 30

Who the hell are 100 Monkeys, and how are they headlining Revolution? Well, the answer to the first part is that the band is an independent Los Angeles-based five-piece with funny-quirky promo photos and pretty-faced members with nicknames like "J. Rad." The music is party-time pop rock inflected with heavy doses of blues, funk, and soul, with just enough walking bass lines and heavy riffage to get a crowd grooving.

But considering that the band boasts only a handful of super-lo-fi releases, here's the main answer to the second part. The band members are true L.A. types with their hands in a bunch of different forms of entertainment, and the most famous is Jackson Rathbone. Yes, he was Jasper in all the Twilight movies. OMG! Luckily, his and his buddies' musical chops are enough that the entire band affair is legit, and perhaps the current tour will make critics take the group seriously beyond its members' acting credits.

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