25 Names Kanye West Could Have Called Kim Kardashian Instead of "Perfect Bitch"

"Yo, watch where you look. This my perfect bitch." 
"Yo, watch where you look. This my perfect bitch." 

Yesterday, Kanye West informed the Twitterverse that "Perfect Bitch" -- the song he debuted at a recent NYC club gig -- is, in fact, about his girlfriend, professional big butt and Celebreality star Kim Kardashian.

Apparently, the tune is "about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect bitch.'" The official word from Kim? The heiress and amateur porn star is nothing short of "honored."

And that throws County Grind for a loop. Really, Kim? Is "Perfect Bitch" the sweetest thing anybody has ever called you? We know you like schtupping millionaires, but have you ever considered shacking up with a man who owns a thesaurus?

After the jump, check out 25 better names West could have bestowed upon his leading bitch, er, lady.

1. Glorious Hootchie

2. Stupendous Strumpet

3. Wonderful Harpy

4. Unblemished Ho

5. Excellent Shawty

6. Foolproof Lady

7. Splendid Babe

8. Accomplished Squaw

9. Defectless Dame

10. Supreme Gentlewoman

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