93 Rock to Become Easy 93.1 After Christmas?

Another weekend, another tweak to the WHDR-FM radio formatting. Yes, the holiday music continues at 93.1, but now the ad bumpers refer to the soft and easy mix that will be taking over beginning December 26: Easy 93.1.

Just before Thanksgiving, the changes began, and your County Grind correspondent spoke to NBC Miami about it.

Now, some folks over at this message board claim that the Easy 93.1 promotions are just stunting, AKA creating a publicity cyclone ("smokescreen" is also a popular descriptor) to get people talking about the new format. There is quite a precedent for this type of behavior.

Although County Grind will never disrespect the mid-period work of Lionel Richie or Kenny Loggins, these easy listening formats are pretty much a drag. Like most pre-packaged formats, it's a tiny playlist that gets repeated six times a day.

So, smokescreen or not, it's looking a lot like we're getting a lump of coal in our stocking courtesy of Cox Radio.

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