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A New Way to Live Forever

When local musicians Russ Rogers of Kill Miss Pretty and his partner Todd Evans put together their latest band, A New Way to Live Forever, the idea was simply to make good indie rock and not worry too much about specifics. Building off their core influences such as U2, Nirvana, and Kings of Leon, they have a knack for crafting smart tunes with catchy choruses that leave a lasting impression from the first time you hear them. After adding bassist Steve Velez and drummer Rod Thomas to the band to make a foursome, they spent six months working on material and playing a few shows here and there—but you get the feeling they're still unveiling themselves to the local music scene. They released their first EP, Avalanche, in August, and it's one of the best local discs that's come into the New Times offices in a while. Their show this weekend has a number of solid indie-rock bands on the lineup, so if you're one of those people who thinks the rock scene in South Florida is dead, show up at City Limits on Saturday and you'll probably eat your words fairly quickly.


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