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AC Cobra

Hey, there. Why so glum? What's that? You say music's not fun anymore; it lacks the chutzpah and rebellion that made rock 'n' roll so trashy? And you wish someone would, just once, take you forcibly by the shirt collar and shake you, screaming "YEEOORRGGGGHH" into one ear while punching you in the other? Interesting. And you also wonder what would have happened if Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister were two badass outlaw cops being chased by cute, frantic, teenaged girls with shotguns while riding in one of those foppish motorcycles with a sidecar and driving off a cliff, then landing in a nuclear power plant, where their brains tragically melded into one? Weird! Because that's kind of what listening to AC Cobra's self-titled EP is like. The CD has only five songs, but in the span of about ten minutes, this Fort Lauderdale four-piece delivers a one-two punch of sludge and vitriolic fuzzed-out rock with a crotch kick of late '70s metal. And guess what else? For a CD as straight-up dirty and raw as this one, it's also damn catchy! Songs like "Gonzo," "Hiss," and "Jezebel" are guaranteed to get stuck in your head as easily as, say, "Invisible Touch" by Genesis or "Rio" by Duran Duran. Yeah. Just try to get those songs out of your head now. -- Audra Schroeder

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