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Accept at Culture Room 4/10

German metal trooper Accept has been around for a long-ass time — 2011 makes it an astonishing 35 years — but the music is still unashamedly juvenile and mostly ridiculous. On the band's 12th LP, last year's Blood of the Nations, new vocalist Mark Tornillo rattles off one broadly painted battle cry after another. In the title track, Tornillo's Bon Scott-as-a-goblin wail announces "Together we fight!" before a choir of Vikings responds with "For the blood of the nations!" Maybe there's some intellect-bending subtexts at work when shouting about "beating the bastards," but what does it matter? This is flamboyantly thrashy power metal, and it will unironically rock if it feels like this. Accept is, after all, best-known for a song called "Balls to the Wall."


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