Adam Ant at Seminole Coconut Creek Casino on September 28

When British new-wave sensation Adam Ant last toured the U.S., Tupac and Biggie Smalls were still alive. Bill Clinton was in his first term as president. A lot has changed since that time. Ant, however, says his first U.S. tour in nearly two decades is familiar territory. "It's starting where I left off, really," Ant recently said in an interview with ABC News. "I can't wait; it's great playing the USA." MTV's former Sexiest Man Alive circa 1982 is no stranger to touring. Together with his band, the Ants, and as a solo artist, Ant has racked up several miles on the odometer. But he admits that American tours are not like the others. They're simply the best. "Until you've played the USA, you haven't really done a proper rock 'n' roll tour," he told ABC. "It is the ultimate tour."


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