Aerosmith's "Global Warming Tour" With Cheap Trick at BB&T Center on December 9

As time marches on, fans of the (now) classic rock 'n' roll animal have fewer and fewer groups to enjoy in their original, or even mostly original, configurations. The years can be pretty unkind to bands: Members quit, members die, and "the magic" can so easily disappear. Aerosmith has almost lost "the magic" on several occasions. Despite major challenges, though, the band has managed to come through to "the other side" with the original '70s lineup intact. And whether you love, hate, or simply tolerate the boys from Boston, they breathe some extremely rare air as a truly classic group that still functions in an unaltered state. Steven Tyler's star has risen even higher than his role as frontman, but of the reunion, conflicts, and a new recording, the singer told New Times and other media outlets of his primary role: "I felt the power of something I never got from anywhere else, and it was from being in this band. And the shit that we go through and the stuff that we come up with outweighs any anger." The band returned with its first album of new material in more than ten years, Music From Another Dimension, and the second leg of a world tour that promises something akin to the Aerosmith of yore.


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