A couple of years ago, Joseph Foreman (a.k.a. Afroman) was floating on a big, fluffy cannabis cloud with the stoner anthem "Because I Got High." The comical song, in which Afroman offered excuses for flaking out on stuff because he, ya know, got high, made Afroman the year's spokesman for the sweet, sweet chiba.

And now, Afroman's all about boozin'. This year's Afroholic... the Even Better Times offers two discs' worth of songs that once again focus on beer and blunts. There are self-explanatory tracks like "Drive Better Drunk," and Afroman turns parody candidates like Warrant's metal ballad "Heaven" into "Compton Isn't Too Far Away" ("I don't need to be the king of the world/I just need some activator for my Jheri curls"). "My music is for people who drink and like to groove while they're getting stoned," Foreman says. "I have some serious songs, I have some goofy songs, I have whatever I feel needs to be addressed."

After Universal dropped him in 2000, Foreman formed his own Hungry Hustler label and rode the momentum from "Because I Got High" all the way back to the indie fold, where he's content to explore the lighter side of blackness and do things his way.

"As a rapper, I have all these business guys that don't respect me; they think I'm just a dumb fucking idiot, and they try to tell me how to be Afroman," Foreman says. "The last thing I need is some little Office Space cats barking in my ear." -- Omar Perez

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