AK1200 and Richie August Get Respectable's Bodies Moving

Florida breaks inventor DJ Icey originally dubbed Sunshine State native Dave Minner's sound as "an AK-47 on 1200s," and AK1200 was born. For the past 22 years, AK1200 has tinkered with higher BPMs and is widely credited with exposing the U.S. to drum 'n' bass music. After opening his dance-only record store the Hottie Shoppe in Orlando in 1990, associating with breakbeat labels Suburban Base and Moving Shadow, and spinning Edge raves in the early '90s, AK1200 began playing overseas in the U.K. DnB scene alongside some of Britain's top club DJs.

On Wednesday, Minner brings the party to West Palm with Chi-town's wobbly ghetto-tech pro Richie August. Combining August's fusion of ATL crunk and Detroit-style club music with AK1200's audible rendition of shotgunning a Red Bull could turn Respectable Street into a party rivaling an underground rave in downtown London.


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