Akon on High Horse at Polo Stadium

Ladies, look at your man. Now back to Akon. Now back at your man. Now back to Akon. Sadly, your man isn't Akon. And much like the Man Your Man Could Smell Like from the Old Spice commercials, Akon's on a horse. Perhaps not at this very moment. But the possibility certainly exists. At least there's an outside chance he will be at his next SoFla gig, scheduled for the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

If you're scratching your head over the locale for his upcoming performance, you're not alone. How exactly Akon came to be booked at this horse and pony show (pun most definitely intended) is anyone's guess. Whatever the case, the producer and hook master extraordinaire is all set to play there. Expect to hear a sampling of his many radio-friendly singles, like "Right Now (Na Na Na)," "Beautiful," and "Smack That."

Now the real question is whether they were able to get Seabiscuit to open the show. Because everyone knows what Mr. Ed's been like since he fell off the wagon.


Akon, 7 p.m. Friday, March 19, at the Polo Stadium at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, 13420 S. Shore Blvd., West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $48 to $300. Click here.

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