Alan Jackson

It's been well over a year and a half since the release of Alan Jackson's latest album, Good Time. The country great continues to tour behind it, his 13th studio effort. Perhaps it's because there's still a lot to absorb from the record. Although initially it sounds like a pious daydream, deep listening proves it to be a Zen sneak-fuck. Its 17 songs in 71 minutes mix up countrypolitan waltzes with Chuck Berry blues and name-check Jesus, "Kix and Dunn," and bologna on white bread. Written entirely by Jackson, Good Time lacks the pop savvy and uncanny nostalgia that producer Alison Krauss brought to 2006's Like Red on a Rose. And the songs can seem not so much uninflected as just plain skimpy. Still, their word-shy inertia suggests a sly debloating that Jackson has turned to the service of his art.

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