Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys at Culture Room October 26

Bruce Springsteen isn't likely to headline a gig at Culture Room this far into his career, but his good friend and former San Francisco punk pioneer Alejandro Escovedo will be there on Friday. And if the stars align, maybe the Boss will show up as a special guest — no lie, it's happened at other venues. "I met [Springsteen] through my management," Escovedo said in an interview with Aquarium Drunkard this past summer. The Austin-based musician was promoting his latest alt-rock effort, Big Station, when he opened up about his relationship with the Asbury Park messiah. "He's become a real supporter and kind enough to sing on my record and to do shows at South by Southwest together... I'm a fan, you know." Springsteen appeared on Escovedo's 2010 album, Streets Songs of Love, and both men have sporadically performed at each other's shows since. "When I see him perform, I go, 'Fuck, man,' I get tired just thinking about the stuff like he does," he admitted to Aquarium Drunkard. "It's amazing. He's just such a great guy." And so is Escovedo.


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