Anberlin at Culture Room, January 17

Winter Haven quintet Anberlin arose out of a particularly Central Floridian millennial scene in which various punk-derived strains of music commingled freely with Christian sensibilities. Early Anberlin material featured the kind of swoopy hair, soaring hooks, and inspirational lyrics popular with fans of its original majorish record label, Tooth and Nail. By now, though, the group has risen above all of that thanks to keen songwriting and perhaps keener marketing. In 2007, the band left Tooth and Nail for Universal and has charted in the Billboard 200 consistently since then. In fact, the Anberlin of 2012 is almost unrecognizable in contrast to the Anberlin of around 2003, with a few haircuts and slick production taking the band away from old "scene" associations and into VH1 territory.


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