Andrea Bocelli Gives His Best Advice on Love

Although there are gifted entertainers in the world of music, it's truly difficult to find a musician who is timeless and cares about the music more than the fame.

Enter Andrea Bocelli, tenor opera singer straight from Tuscany, Italy. Afflicted with congenital glaucoma that was further worsened by a soccer head injury, Bocelli became one hundred percent blind at the age of 12. However, the disability didn't hinder him at all and instead furthered his career. In fact, aside from playing piano at the tender age of six, Bocelli also played the flute and the saxophone.

Since his first operatic performance in 1994 in Verdi's Macbeth as Macduff, Bocelli has recorded with big name musicians such as Sarah Brightman, Jennifer Lopez, and Nelly Furtado. Accolades for the gifted tenor include a Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards as well as a 1999 Grammy nomination and a Golden Globe award the same year. With his career spanning over 20 years, Bocelli has sold more than 80 million records and sang on numerous countless worldwide tours.

He's actually a new South Florida resident, having purchased a home in Miami last year. Bocelli will perform at Hollywood's Hard Rock Live for the fifth year in a row on Valentine's Day weekend. We spoke with Bocelli about his newest album, Manon Lescaut, his famous song "Time to Say Goodbye," the infamous scene from Stepbrothers, and he gave us some love advice.

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Natalya Jones