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Ani DiFranco

More a movement than an actual person, Ani DiFranco is many things to many people: a spearhead of the modern feminist revolution, an unassuming cultural icon, an unwavering and supportive voice for those seeking release from political frustration and/or heartbreak. She's a cutesy jazz singer in cargo pants, an accomplished guitar picker who commands audiences with a blush and a scoff. And she has so much to be proud of: two decades of relentless touring and recording behind her ever-evolving folk image, her own successful independent label, her own music venue, and the release of her 20th studio album, Red Letter Year, out last year. Still, there isn't much you'll find this righteous babe bragging about. It's that kind of Everywoman attitude that can make entire rooms full of DiFranco fans feel like they are hanging out on a friend's back porch swigging wine and singing along to favorite oldies, and it's a good reason to catch this little folk singer that could as she sweeps through South Florida this week.

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