Ani DiFranco

So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter, Ani DiFranco's second live double-disc package, makes the Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences look clueless. In 1999, the academy nominated DiFranco for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance but ended up giving the damn Grammy to Sheryl Crow for her cover of a Guns 'n' Roses song. Not that DiFranco gave a shit: For the past 12 years, she's lasted on her own label, making an end of the means -- touring to tour, not to win Grammys or promote records. In fact, she doesn't even make records to sell records. So Much Shouting, recorded in 2000-2002, is not an album for ornate poster displays in compact disc franchise boutiques. It's for fans who couldn't make it to the show. As such, the music occasionally stutters at missed notes, botched tempos, and inconsistent sound, and DiFranco even admits as much. The album includes three previously unrecorded songs, but it features mostly set-list standards and a few anomalies. Post-In Clip tracks (like "Loom," "Grey," "Rock Paper Scissors," and "WhatHowWhenWhere") make a strong showing, and plenty of old favorites (including "32 Flavors," "Napoleon," "You Had Time," and "Not a Pretty Girl") emerge sounding new. Maybe not all of the songs are at a Grammy-level of production, but, really, most Ani fans won't give a shit either.

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