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Apoptygma Berzerk Brings Norwegian EBM to Respectable Street

Has anybody noticed the abundance of old-school outfits coming to South Florida lately? Is there a rekindling of local interest in electronic and industrial music afoot? Regardless, Apoptygma Berzerk, AKA Apop to the fans, has 21 years on its side, and founder Stephan Groth seems to know what he's doing. This tour of North and South America is equal parts road test for Groth's new crew aboard and an appetizer for the upcoming CD/DVD Imagine There's No Lennon.

Along with the danceable though slightly dark type of songs that Groth gravitates toward, Apop puts on a good show with visuals matching the electronic energy of the synthesizers, keyboards, and programmable tweaks. The organic elements of the performance are ignited with live drums and guitars as well. If the trend continues gravitating toward tried-and-true bands, so be it. Get ready to dance and go berserk, pun intended.

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