Aquaphonics at Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall on April 13

Stuart-based trio Aquaphonics dubs its sound "electro-soul," and indeed, it often uses a funky interplay between the electronic and the organic. As the group's watery name might indicate, there's a lot of bubbling percussion and cresting and receding waves of guitar and keyboard.

And besides the "electro" and "soul" parts, there are plenty of touches of jazz, funk, and rock, all held together by long, improvised passages that have made this act a favorite on the local festival circuit. In fact, you can consider this show at the Native Florida Tap Room a kind of makeup session for the band's set at the recent Aura Festival in St.

Cloud that was rained out after four songs. To get fans warmed up for dancing, Aquaphonics appear here with Orpheus, a straight-up, contemporary-style ska act from Wisconsin.

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Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall

2006 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33020

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