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    23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes to New Guinea Just Like Everybody, Part Two (Ronin)

    It's been a great year for reissues. The resurgence of interest in overlooked post-punk classics has led to the rerelease of Cabaret Voltaire's entire back catalog as well as label Soul Jazz's In the Beginning There Was Rhythm, a collection of semina...

    by Philip Sherburne on December 19, 2002
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    Sigur Rs - ( ) (MCA)

    It's 2012. The Democrats have regained control of Congress, nascent life forms have been discovered on the outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy, and the pop charts are dominated by scraggly, European quartets whose ten-minute songs are the least odd thi...

    by John Yandrasits on December 19, 2002
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    TLC - 3D (La Face)

    The new TLC record feels less icky to me than the last Who tour, but I'm not sure why. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey explained their quick return to the road in July with a well-paid session guy in John Entwistle's place as a tribute to the enduri...

    by Mikael Wood on December 19, 2002
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    Speedy Freak - Miami's Speedy Legs continues breaking without borders

    On a grassy patch outside his Hoffman Gardens public housing project in early-1980s Hialeah, teenager Ricardo Fernandez spent hours practicing break-dancing moves. Little did he know he'd work over the next two decades to keep the form alive. The Ha...

    by Leah Gliniewicz on December 12, 2002
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    Trip-Hop Limbo - Strung out and hung over with the relaced Sneaker Pimps

    It's the eve of Sneaker Pimps' return to the United States, the country that yanked the band's britches when it was busy reaching for the twinkling cup of fame in the late '90s. Drummer David Westlake is reminiscing. "We lost our innocence on that t...

    by Marli Guzzetta on December 12, 2002
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    Bad news travels fast, and for months most of the ear-aware local public has known that Bobby Baker, sonic steward behind Boca Raton's famed Baby Robots and Ant Lunch Musick, is not long for South Florida. In the interest of keeping Baker employed at...

    by Jeff Stratton on December 12, 2002
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    Missy Elliott - Under Construction (Elektra)

    No hip-hop artist is more deserving of the title Supa Dupa Star than Missy Elliott. (Sorry, P-Diddy. You're like 7-Up: Never had it, never will.) Not to dis Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Kool Herc, and Run-DMC, but nobody can transcend the genre the way she h...

    by Candice Gulley on December 12, 2002
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    The Residents - Demons Dance Alone Petting Zoo (Cryptic/East Side Digital)

    Subtle as an amputation, the Residents cut themselves off from pop music's tumorous body three decades ago and never looked back. As prolific as they are self-indulgent, Mr. Skull and his cadre of one-eyed malcontents remain cloaked in deliberate sec...

    by John La Briola on December 12, 2002
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    Pearl Jam - Riot Act (Epic)

    Once upon a time, Pearl Jam seemed to live for a reaction, a trait that catapulted it to the forefront of grunge. The band blazed its brand of arena-rock for the sole purpose of shoving it in listeners' faces. Its faithful hung on every power chord a...

    by Christopher O'Connor on December 12, 2002
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    Noel Sanger - Summerbreeze 2 (Nettwerk America)

    Just in time for winter, Nettwerk issues the second installment in its Summerbreeze remix series. This time, Florida's Noel Sanger twiddles the knobs on other artists' tunes, filling out the two discs with a few originals. The DJ/producer showed up o...

    by John Ferri on December 12, 2002
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    Insane Clown Posse - The Wraith: Shangri-La (D3/Psychopathic)

    Who's goin' Jesus hunting? ICP's goin' Jesus hunting! Yes, the sixth Joker's Card has finally been revealed, its message delivered after ten years of buildup. Because most Juggalos snapped up The Wraith on release day (it debuted at number 15 on the ...

    by Geoff Harkness on December 12, 2002
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    Badly Drawn Boy - Have You Fed the Fish? (Artist Direct Records/XL Recordings)

    The effortlessness of Damon Gough's romantic pop music gave his first album, The Hour of Bewilderbeast, a special grace that's lacking on his latest effort. With Have You Fed the Fish?, Gough (known and loved as Badly Drawn Boy) continues to flirt wi...

    by Tim Grierson on December 12, 2002
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    Critic's Pick

    Piebald singer/guitarist Travis Shettel needs your help. After scream-singing through thousands of shows since his band's inception in 1994, Shettel's vocal cords developed blood blisters this past summer. Despite Piebald's huge following, sizable re...

    by Tom Bowker on December 12, 2002
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    And It Feels So Good - The Reunion Show's long road trip out of limbo

    There's nothing Brian Diaz hates more than a lazy, ignorant rock critic. "We just got slagged for making a video that doesn't exist and wearing New Found Glory T-shirts we don't own," fumes Diaz, bassist for Long Island power-pop wizards the Reunion ...

    by Tom Bowker on December 5, 2002
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    Hey, Mr. Spacemen - Music writer Leah Gliniewicz was abducted by the aliens known to Earthlings as the techno group Spacemen. She was able to beam this report back to New Times.

    BEGIN TRANSMISSION Question: First of all, what is your mission here on Earth? Answer: vhgflvpfodfuosijckzxmclks djfkljfkldxjfkldjfkdjfkldsjfk lsjfkldjflksdjfjslfjdlkjfkl sjflkjdsflkjsl jfkljfkldxjfkld Translation: Earthlings have an ...

    on December 5, 2002
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    Still a Mister E - Mr. Entertainment throws the book at 'em -- for free

    It's that time of the year again, when sidewalk buskers feel the humidity wane and the nights dry and crispen, so they all grab their beat-up woodentops, park their asses on a street corner, open their guitar cases, and play for tips. OK, so hardly ...

    by Jeff Stratton on December 5, 2002
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    U2 - The Best & B-Sides of 1990-2000 (Island)

    The acolyte will deride the obvious misses amid this collection of hits; the casual fan won't even notice, since the casual fan skipped most of the band's '90s output anyway. Still, it's amazing that could fill two discs this go-round, since there we...

    by Robert Wilonsky on December 5, 2002
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    Andy Hunter - Exodus (Nettwerk)

    Progressive dance music as conveyor of the gospel? Well, the conventional Christianity administered by Andy Hunter on Exodus, his solo full-length debut, isn't that far removed from the Peace Love Unity Respect movement of the early rave scene -- and...

    by John Ferri on December 5, 2002
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    Audioslave - Audioslave (Epic)

    The debut from Audioslave -- the alt-rock supergroup that pairs a Zach de la Rochaless Rage Against the Machine with former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell -- shouldn't have any problem generating the kind of heat the fiery Rage was known for. Onl...

    by Jason Bracelin on December 5, 2002
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    Tom Petty - The Last DJ (Warner Bros.)

    Father to dozens of car-radio classics, Tom Petty in his later years has sidestepped his sing-along wizardry for a more somber, introspective feel. As if equating maturity with acoustic guitars and whispered vocals, Petty captured a dynamic, autumnal...

    by Tim Grierson on December 5, 2002
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