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    Peter Salett - Heart of Mine (Dusty Shoes Music)

    The title track of this nifty debut platter is a nearly perfect love song: heartfelt enough to sell you on the yearning but catchy enough to transcend the dead zone of schmaltz. Credit Salett's knack as an arranger. He knows that the best way to show...

    by Steve Almond on August 3, 2000
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    Most Deft - Jurassic 5 improves hip-hop through thought, word, and deed

    What if a miracle happened and rap suddenly replaced stupid self-aggrandizement with progressive politics of inclusion and unity? Give praise, for that has finally happened. The party line touted by L.A.'s Jurassic 5 is free of the standard hip-hop t...

    by Jeff Stratton on July 27, 2000
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    Bandwidth - Clematis Street under siege

    For months, one of the area's most dynamic streets -- the pedestrian mall that West Palm Beach's Clematis Street becomes on weekend nights -- has been under siege from the city. Mayor Joel Daves, who lives less than a mile from the busy 500 block o...

    by Jeff Stratton on July 27, 2000
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    Laura Satterfield - Dirty Velvet Lie (Triloka)

    I'm always glad to make the acquaintance of a woman singer not afraid to moan. And by moan, I don't mean the Britney Spears variety of moan, which is essentially a crass imitation of sexuality produced for a record label. I mean the noise produced sp...

    by Steve Almond on July 27, 2000
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    Nashville Pussy - High as Hell (TVT Records)

    Anyone who thinks the Confederate flag is better suited for burning than waving better tiptoe around Nashville Pussy's latest disc like a Sturgis preacher on Labor Day weekend. Yet for all of its sinfully contrived bombast, High as Hell shouldn't pro...

    by John La Briola on July 27, 2000
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    Sinad O'Connor - Faith and Courage (Atlantic)

    Odd as it may seem, coming from a woman who once ripped up a photo of the Pope on national television, Sinad O'Connor's declaration of faith, "Everything in this world would be OK/If people just believed in God enough to pray," (on "The Lamb's Book ...

    by Michael Gallucci on July 27, 2000
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    Scalp It, Scalp It Good - Devo conspirator Gerald V. Casale waxes cynical about the old days and a new retrospective

    The release of a career retrospective is a natural time to reflect on one's contribution to the musical landscape. On the occasion of Pioneers Who Got Scalped, the audio rsum of Akron, Ohio's most oddly influential band, Devo bassist Gerald V. Casa...

    by Brian Baker on July 20, 2000
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    Bandwidth - Support mom, pop, and your local independent record store

    Spin City: It's sad, but this very newspaper had the poor judgment to name Best Buy as the best place to buy CDs in Broward and Palm Beach. (Why dontcha just go shoot Mom and Pop in the head, huh?) We all know that saving a few bucks on that new Shan...

    by Jeff Stratton on July 20, 2000
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    Royal Trux - Pound For Pound (Drag City)

    Royal Trux struggles with a rep as clumsy, junkie noise merchants, developed during its early days a decade ago. It hit the world with a one-two punch of records that were both very difficult but in very different ways and thus frightened away most w...

    by Brian Doherty on July 20, 2000
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    Admiral Twin - Mock Heroic (Mojo Records)

    Pop is quietly making a comeback. Who woulda thunk it? With ballyhooed new platters from the likes of Aimee Mann, Michael Penn, and Josh Rouse, pop bands are no longer feeling obliged to make sure they include elements of country/folk/roots-rock/hip-...

    by Steve Almond on July 20, 2000
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    Lucy Pearl - Lucy Pearl (Pookie/Beyond)

    In 1999 Tony! Toni! Ton! cofounder Raphael Saadiq tapped former En Voguer Dawn Robinson and A Tribe Called Quest's beatmeister Ali Shaheed Muhammad to form the neosoul collective Lucy Pearl. With these credentials you'd expect something life-changin...

    by Carla Briggs on July 20, 2000
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    Beatific - Brian Transeau rips trance a new one

    After an unsuccessful attempt to crash the mainstream and its subsequent relegation to mere background music and VW commercials, electronica is poised again to enter the forefront of American popular music. The recent American release of BT's Movemen...

    by Ravi Baskaran on July 13, 2000
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    Bandwidth - Fort Lauderdale softens its antiteen approach

    It was set to be a rather serious affair at Fort Lauderdale City Hall last Thursday, when the mayor and the city commissioners held a public hearing regarding the proposed ban of underagers from clubs that serve alcohol that is threatening to migrate...

    by Jeff Stratton on July 13, 2000
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    rinrse - Installation Sonore (V2)

    The cover art for Installation Sonore, the full-length debut album from France's rinrse, is a perfect metaphor for the band's sound: A Concorde jet's gleaming white nose cone set against a steel-gray background evokes both speed and sleekness, th...

    by John Ferri on July 13, 2000
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    Ian Astbury - Spirit\Light\Speed (Beggars Banquet)

    Whether it's the result of a karmic quirk or of nostalgic indulgence on the part of rock fans, there's no denying that Ian Astbury's career suddenly and almost inexplicably has more legs than a Catholic girls' school. A founding member of the Cult, ...

    by John Jesitus on July 13, 2000
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    Chris Smither - Live as I'll Ever Be (Hightone)

    Chris Smither is about as unassuming a songwriter as you're likely to find. Over the past two decades, he's quietly released a dozen records and toured consistently without so much as a brush with big-time fame. Live as I'll Ever Be isn't likely to c...

    by Steve Almond on July 13, 2000
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    The Art of Noise - Noise artiste Kenny 5 wreaks musical havoc

    Strictly speaking this is a story not about music but about noise. It is also the tale of a fairly young performance artist in Lake Worth named Kenny 5 who creates noise -- and sometimes by mere coincidence, music -- on a variety of self-invented ins...

    by David Pulizzi on July 6, 2000
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    Bandwidth - Keith Brown Trio undergoes major lineup changes

    One of the area's best roots/blues acts, the Keith Brown Trio, is undergoing some major lineup changes. The group has long kept a twice-weekly residence at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth and will continue to do so -- albeit with a different rotation o...

    by Jeff Stratton on July 6, 2000
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    Spring Heel Jack - Treader Oddities (Thirsty Ear)

    Whereas most drum 'n' bass acts are identifiable by a signature sound (Goldie, LTJ Bukem, and the like), Spring Heel Jack doesn't really have one, which makes its music all the more interesting. The duo's inventiveness may be a result of pedigree: Wh...

    by Jeff Stratton on July 6, 2000
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    Jimmy McGriff - McGriff's House Party (Milestone)

    Fort Lauderdale's Dr. Lonnie Smith is at it again. He's the resident keyboardist (and world-renowned Hammond B3 master) who regularly jams at the two O'Hara's locations. For his latest project, Smith contributed to his old pal and fellow organist Jim...

    by Larry Boytano on July 6, 2000
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