Around the Voice - Dancehall Violence, Billy Bob Thornton and The Art of Screaming

Ivon David Rojas

With so many good music stories being produce every week, we here at the New Times wanted to clue you in on stories and blog posts done by the other Village Voice Media publications. Check it out what is happening Around the Voice:

Village Voice's article "How Jamaica's Volatile Dancehall Scene Can Avoid a Biggie vs. Tupac Tragedy" tries to to break down the lessons that can be learned from dancehall's past mistakes in order to nix the escalating violence.

Over in Denver, Westword's music blog Backbeat sits down with former Eagles'guitarist Don Felder.

The Pitch talks with actor turned "musician" Billy Bob Thornton about his work with the Boxmasters.

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Over at SF Weekly, a review of The Art of Screaming! compliments the one we ran last week, which by the way, got re-printed in the Seattle Weekly (props to us!).

And finally, LA Weekly gives us the 10 best non hip-hop albums of 2008 -- er, so far.

We leave you with a banger to get your weekend started!

- Jose D. Duran

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