Art Rock Organizer Amanda Linton Makes the Cover!

When her arm has a more intricate pattern than her apron, you know she's not your typical domestic goddess -- and in fact, Amanda Linton's much better than any old June Cleaver. You may remember Linton, this week's cover girl for our feature on chefs with tattoos, as the brain behind the fabulous Art Rock event in West Palm Beach. She's also co-owner and baker at House of Sweets, a vintage-cool cupcakery.

Whether you tasted her cupcakes turned art at At Rock or read about her in the story -- or just really like that bow in her hair; where on Earth did she get it?! -- keep an eye out for Linton. Her Stitch Rock indie craft fair is hitting Delray Beach the first weekend of October.

For more photos of her cupcake prowess, check out the slideshow.

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