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Assemblage 23 Leads Electronic Bill at Respectable Street

South Florida just endured the electronic pugilism of the Winter Music Conference, and waste management is still trying to recover. For a change of pace, experience an electronic music act that predates the current crop of Euro-styled, glow-stick wavers with industrial pioneers Assemblage 23. Frontman Tom Shear's been at it since the late '80s with a crucial blend of punk, post-punk, and techno — the groundwork for every intelligent electronic music you've ever suffered. The former Depeche Mode opening act's schizoid samples over rocking low bottoms with an organic know-how will be at the forefront. Shear's latest work, 2009's Compass, spun out the dreary, infectious "Spark," which should turn those permafrowns upside down for a few seconds.

Furthering the evening's plastic pleasure is Angel Theory and its more modern take on hard-driving electronica. Locals Astari Nite keep the ethereal mood alive with some melodic, synthesized indie sounds — sure to amplify the beautiful evening skies we're promised.

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