Astari Nite With Fevers, Goddamn' Hustle, and Suede Dudes at For Art'Sake at Culture Room on September 29

When Astari Nite frontman Mychael Ghost told New Times earlier this year that "an album should be created when you're at peace with the songs that are on it," we got the feeling his South Florida-based trio was nearing the completion of its debut LP. Fall 2012 seemed like a reasonable time frame. But it was wishful thinking. At presstime, the group's record is "slated for the spring of 2013." On the bright side, the teaser single, "Waves," is consistent with Astari Nite's successful postpunk blend of '80s-inspired new wave and Brit pop. It packs just enough kickass to hold you over until the group drops its full-length. And in the meantime, there's also "For Art'Sake," a night of art a-hanging, DJs spinning, and live music playing by this Miami quartet, along with other local future Fort Lauderdale legends Fever, the Goddamn' Hustle, and Suede Shoes.


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