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Atomic Mass

The alt-country boom seems to have mellowed a bit, but it certainly hasn't hit the skids the way tech stocks have. It's still alive and very healthy, with Ryan Adams boasting one of the finest records of 2001 and Wilco having released a great album (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot) this year. On the local scene, Jim Wurster and the Atomic Cowboys continue to preach alternative country/rock to an audience that, by this time, has already been won over. Following the disintegration of early 1990s local alt-rock group Black Janet, Jim Wurster and several other BJ alumni got together with Bob Wlos of Roosterhead, and the new group took a sharp left turn. The Atomic Cowboys timed the move perfectly, hitting the local scene just as alternative country was exploding nationally. Sadly, gigs by the Cowboys are rare, so when they play with the 18 Wheelers and the Dharma Bomb at the new Alligator Alley, the show is not to be missed.


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